John Dodelande presents Wang Guangle, atypic artist

Contemporary Chinese art holds no secrets for John Dodelande. He has a real admiration for Chinese contemporary artists who offer a new dimension to art. This outstanding collector introduces us today to Wang Guangle, and has selected for us some of his works.

The place of contemporary Chinese art for John Dodelande

If John Dodelande is a well-informed businessman who seems to be successful at everything, he also has a passion that is particularly close to his heart. Indeed, for the past ten years or so, this serial entrepreneur has been devoting a real passion to contemporary Chinese art. Over the years, he has succeeded in creating an impressive collection of works that showcase the talents of the young Chinese generation. Singular works that reinvent and revisit certain codes of previous generations of Chinese artists, which he wishes to present to the Western public in order to open new artistic and cultural horizons. Among his favourite finds is the artist Wang Guangle. To be discovered quickly.

Wang Guangle’s biography

Wang Guangle was born in 1976 in the small town of Mibei in the heart of Fujian province. He started painting at a very young age, from primary school. A true revelation that led him to drop out of high school at the age of 13 to concentrate on his art.

He then decided to perfect his technique by enrolling at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, where he graduated in 2000, in the “oil painting” section. On this occasion, he won the first prize of the Academy with his work “3 to 5 PM”. A promising reward for the continuation of his career as an artist.

In 2003, he became a founding member of a group of artists that took the name “N12”. He then began to exhibit all over the world.

Minimalism and contemplation, the characteristics of Wang Guangle

With the N12 collective, Wang Guangle expresses his desire to break with the traditions of figurative painting to move towards a more personal expression. He says he wants to explore “all possibilities beyond the rules of the Academy”, going against the conventions of representation and abstraction.

Wang Guangle explains: “Many people think I am an abstract artist from these works. I firmly believe that my work is not an abstract work. I still think my art is more conceptual than abstract. The way I see it might be a form of “anti-abstraction”. I don’t care about the scale of my work; the themes come to me very spontaneously”.

Through these works, Wang Guangle addresses themes such as the flight of time. “I am always a process based on time. Each piece of Terrazzo is different. My work requires patience to realize every detail of the stone, every different shape and size, round/square/triangle. Through his technique and his work with acrylic paint, he leads the viewer into a meditative state, through an illusion of depth. The artist works from the edge of the surface to the centre, through many progressive shifts of colour nuances. If, at first glance, the work may appear to have been quickly or simply executed, it is quite different when observed closely. One can then fully measure the numerous brushstrokes placed with meticulous attention to detail, leading the viewer to get lost in the work and to question himself.

This brushwork gives an almost mystical dimension to Wang Guangle’s works, a unique expression, with a soothing touch through a Zen practice typical of minimalism. A sensation of calm and well-being, even fullness, is felt.

The works of Wang Guangle

One of Wang Guangle’s first acclaimed works was his graduation exhibition at the Academy, “3 to 5 PM”. He completed it in almost six months, painting in his studio to try to capture the sunset’s rays of light on the ground. A very special atmosphere, which led the artist to create five paintings, launching the “Terrazzo” series. We are facing a very special process since Guangle used a material composed of marble, granite, quartz and glass shards for his paintings, the whole being poured with a binder.

Over the course of his career, Wang Guangle organized five solo exhibitions and joined 80 group exhibitions. Among his individual performances are the following:

Duo Color, Pace New York (510 West 25th Street), Chelsea, New York, USA, 2019;
Yellow, Pace London, Mayfair, London, UK, 2016;
Pace New York (510 West 25th Street), Chelsea, New York, USA, 2014.

He has also been present in numerous biennials such as the Prague Biennial in 2009; the Busan Biennial in 2010 and the California-Pacific Triennial, Orange County Museum of Art, Newport Beach in 2013.

Wang Guangle’s work is also included in numerous public collections, such as the M+ Sigg Collection in Hong Kong; the Guy & Myriam Ullens Foundation in Geneva; the Sammlung Goetz Collection in Munich; the Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum in China; the Vanhaerents Art Collection in Brussels and the White Rabbit Collection in Chippendale, Australia.